Dainty Zodiac Constellation Necklace

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Style Aquarius
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Suspended on a delicate gold chain, these rhinestone zodiac necklaces were made to be a reminder of your place among the stars and all the incredible traits your sign embodies. These astrology necklaces also make meaningful personalized gifts! Features dainty gold chain that is 16-18" in length with rhinestone constellation. 

16" with 2" extender

Zodiac Signs:

  • aquarius: january 20th - february 18th
  • pisces: february 19th - march 20th
  • aries: march 21st - april 19th
  • taurus: april 20th - may 20th
  • gemini: may 21st - june 20th
  • cancer: june 21st - july 22nd
  • leo: july 23rd - august 22nd
  • virgo: august 23rd - september 22nd
  • libra: september 23rd - october 22nd
  • scorpio: october 23rd - november 21st
  • sagittarius: november 22nd - december 21st
  • capricorn: december 22nd - january 19th