Grab-and-Go Boji Bunches, marquees, mosaics, and or helium bouquets, are designed by at Boji Balloon Bar for you to pick-up. Boji Bunches are garlands that are hung and styled by you. They include easy-to-follow instructions and hanging materials. Don't worry - you've got this! 

Please Note: Pick-up location is in Arnolds Park, IA. A time will be agreed upon with the client and Boji Balloon team regarding pick-up. We are not open for Sunday delivery, or pick-up, so arrangements will be need to be made prior to your Sunday events.

Pricing: $15/foot
5' - 9' Maximum for Grab & Go Garlands 
(on average a 5' can fit in a 4 door car and a 6'-9' can fit in an SUV)

Please contact us for custom helium bouquet pricing. We use hi-float in every latex balloon. All of our latex balloons are high-quality, US made, 100% biodegradable and natural latex. 

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