About Us

In 2010, after marrying and moving from Lubbock, Texas to South Dakota, Holly Bratland opened, Pixel Pizazz, a specialty boutique and graphic design studio, in Willow Lake. With her eleven-year-old daughter, Morgan, by her side they used their creativity, and love for southern flair to bring joy to others through design services and shopping experiences.

In 2016, Morgan left home to attend South Dakota State University to pursue her love for fashion, style and ever-changing trends. This is when Pixel Pizazz decided it was time to step away from their brick and mortar location which allowed Holly to continue helping clients online and to travel with her husband, Tim.

Morgan graduated with a bachelor’s in apparel merchandising, and minor in social media, in May of 2020. Morgan is fortunate to be in the process of building a career with a growing brick and mortar boutique in Sioux Falls, SD. She’s always had a love for the family business, Pixel Pizazz, so with her advisement, encouragement and evolving vision, Holly decided it was time to rebrand and build a more prevalent online presence.

With a desire to reach family, friends and clients from Texas to South Dakota, and beyond, the decision was made to open an online, direct ship to you, boutique to offer our clients a wide selection of some of our favorite products. The name has been changed from Pixel Pizazz to B.You Boutique which compliments Holly’s online fitness company, Free 2B Me. Even though the name has been changed, you will continue to see hints of Pixel Pizazz throughout.

B.You Boutique features women’s clothing, accessories, gifts, home goods, personalized items and more.

B.You Boutique isn’t just about glitz, glam, and goodies. The concept and intent is to help others experience beauty on the inside and out. The goal is to help each client find their unique style and to be comfortable just being themselves. B.You Boutique and Free 2B Me’s motto is to remind everyone to JUST BE YOU each and every day.





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